The Boys Return To Grissom

Matt and Chuck will return this weekend to compete in the 2019 SCCA Peru Championship Tour at the Grissom Air Reserve Base.

Chuck is coming off a win at Chicagoland Speedway over defending National Champion, Bartek Borowski, and Matt is returning from Packwood Washington at the 2019 SCCA Packwood Pro Solo.

Both Matt and Chuck have have been performing strong all year, despite some dissapointments in the results.

During the weekend live results can be found here:

E-Street Live Results

and the radio broadcast can be found here:

Live Audio Broadcast


From Whence I Came

It’s often fun to look back at where we started. It can also be funny at times.

The video I’m sharing today is from back before I became a setup guru or a really good autocrosser. I started recording video back then with a Flip camera mounted to the hood of my 2001 Mazda Miata LS. If I recall correctly, this was the first event where I was faster than my dad in a rear-wheel drive car and the first time I’d beaten National Champion and family friend, Jane Vinton on the overall results (PAX).

I’ve come a LONG way since then, as has my car setup skills.

Results by class – I’m in RTR in 4th of 7

Overall Results – I’m in 17th of 63


Michana Autocross #2

Chuck Mathews made his way over to Tire Rack headquarters on Sunday, June 30 to represent #TeamOverkill with Michiana BMW at their Autocross event #2.

It was an exciting event where Chuck earned a class win in addition to doing some driver coaching and tire testing. Several drivers requested his assistance, including brand new autocrosser, Aaron Grise, who prior to the event, had only ever done Track Night in America with SCCA. Due to the rapid-fire nature of autcross, it can be quite a learning curve coming from track events.

The tire testing was completed and data was collected. Chuck will be sifting through the mountain of video and data to try and gain the insights that are necessary when chasing a National Championship. Matt will be back at it for the Toledo Pro Solo on July 6 & 7. Chuck’s next event will be on July 21 for the next Chicago Region SCCA event while Matt heads to Packwood for the Pro Solo. They will rejoin forces on July 27 for the Peru Championship Tour

Chuck’s Fastest Run – Michiana BMW – 41.295 s


Monday July 1st, 2019#


2019 SCCA Toledo Pro Solo

It’s been a difficult season so far. The car seems to be performing adequatly, but the results haven’t met our expectations yet.

It seems that based upon the data we’re getting off the RaceCapture/Pro that we’re using that there’s still development work that needs to be done to optimize the car. Matt Waldbaum and I were able to make some progress on developing a good wet setup. My initial impressions are leading me to believe that our shock settings, while producing good results and being very drivable, are probably too extreme and we’re giving up some grip in sweepers.

With this, we also have a new tire to test, the Yokohama Advan A052. It’s already showing promise in other classes, so testing this tire is vital to ensuring we don’t get caught out at Nationals in September. Chuck was able to put together a group funded tire test that is currently underway that should give us a good answer to which tire will be needed in September.

We didn’t manage to get video for the first session of the Toledo Pro Solo (which ended up being wet, but still the fastest session), but we did get some good video showcasing how well the car does in the wet.

Chuck’s Video
Official Results

Reaction Times and 60 ft times


Chicago SCCA Solo Event #1 – Makeup From Snowday

I didn’t have the event I wanted, but it’s hard to be too disapointed when you consider the results. My mind was elsewhere and I was struggling to concentrate enough to really get in the zone. It was also a little frustrating that Bartek ran in the off heat, as its always more fun to go back and forth searching for time each run.

However, it was really good seat time against some of the best drivers in the country the weekend before an important Pro Solo in Toledo, Ohio. So, I’m feeling like chances are good for a strong showing there. I’m just hoping the weather holds out…..

Here’s video of my fastest run of the day.

“Chuck’s Fastest Run – 48.678”

And here are the official class results:

“Chuck – 3rd in E-Street”

And here are the official overall results:\

“Chuck’s – 3rd overall”