About Mathews Racing and Team Overkill

We are Team Overkill

While our team is focused on winning races just like any other race team, we realize that winning races is secondary to the job of creating compelling content for our sponsors. Sometimes a brilliant failure will make much more compelling and interesting content than a win.


Chuck has an engineering degree. He also has 6 years of experience as the race team engineer. With these he can tie together what the team is doing, where it's going, and use that to focus the type of content we create to help our sponsors meet their goals.

Our Mission

We are a race team that is well connected in the racing community who is known for creating compelling content and breaking the mold. We forge our own path and are dedicated to continuous improvement. Any race team that isn't constantly evolving and pushing the state-of-the-art will quickly get left behind. This makes for both exciting successes and brilliantly amusing failures.