Revolution In The Approach To Street Class Suspension Tuning

I was reading a bunch of Facebook posts today and came across something interesting. As many of you know, I recently appeared on the Cone Coach Podcast with Neil Tovsen and Shane Donahue. I discussed my approach to tuning and why I think bump stops are such a big part of what makes for a good street-class setup.

During that conversation, Neil asked if this was something only applicable to Miatas or if it could be used on any modern car. I suggested that while I didn’t know for sure, I suspected most modern cars used bump stops as supplemental springs, making this a vital place to explore.

So, back to today, the interesting post that I was referring to was from Ed Fish Jr. He’s currently prepping a Porsche 944 for National competition and will be competing directly with Matt and I. Was Ed inspired by the podcast or something else? I hope we can talk to him soon and find out.

Check out Ed’s blog post here:


While you’re at it, don’t forget to check back on my previous post for updates. And if you haven’t listened to my episode of Cone Coach, check it out here.

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