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Michana Autocross #2

Chuck Mathews made his way over to Tire Rack headquarters on Sunday, June 30 to represent #TeamOverkill with Michiana BMW at their Autocross event #2.

It was an exciting event where Chuck earned a class win in addition to doing some driver coaching and tire testing. Several drivers requested his assistance, including brand new autocrosser, Aaron Grise, who prior to the event, had only ever done Track Night in America with SCCA. Due to the rapid-fire nature of autcross, it can be quite a learning curve coming from track events.

The tire testing was completed and data was collected. Chuck will be sifting through the mountain of video and data to try and gain the insights that are necessary when chasing a National Championship. Matt will be back at it for the Toledo Pro Solo on July 6 & 7. Chuck’s next event will be on July 21 for the next Chicago Region SCCA event while Matt heads to Packwood for the Pro Solo. They will rejoin forces on July 27 for the Peru Championship Tour

Chuck’s Fastest Run – Michiana BMW – 41.295 s


Monday July 1st, 2019#