2019 SCCA Toledo Pro Solo

It’s been a difficult season so far. The car seems to be performing adequatly, but the results haven’t met our expectations yet.

It seems that based upon the data we’re getting off the RaceCapture/Pro that we’re using that there’s still development work that needs to be done to optimize the car. Matt Waldbaum and I were able to make some progress on developing a good wet setup. My initial impressions are leading me to believe that our shock settings, while producing good results and being very drivable, are probably too extreme and we’re giving up some grip in sweepers.

With this, we also have a new tire to test, the Yokohama Advan A052. It’s already showing promise in other classes, so testing this tire is vital to ensuring we don’t get caught out at Nationals in September. Chuck was able to put together a group funded tire test that is currently underway that should give us a good answer to which tire will be needed in September.

We didn’t manage to get video for the first session of the Toledo Pro Solo (which ended up being wet, but still the fastest session), but we did get some good video showcasing how well the car does in the wet.

Chuck’s Video
Official Results

Reaction Times and 60 ft times