Chicago SCCA Solo Event #1 – Makeup From Snowday

I didn’t have the event I wanted, but it’s hard to be too disapointed when you consider the results. My mind was elsewhere and I was struggling to concentrate enough to really get in the zone. It was also a little frustrating that Bartek ran in the off heat, as its always more fun to go back and forth searching for time each run.

However, it was really good seat time against some of the best drivers in the country the weekend before an important Pro Solo in Toledo, Ohio. So, I’m feeling like chances are good for a strong showing there. I’m just hoping the weather holds out…..

Here’s video of my fastest run of the day.

“Chuck’s Fastest Run – 48.678”

And here are the official class results:

“Chuck – 3rd in E-Street”

And here are the official overall results:\

“Chuck’s – 3rd overall”